CacheRight for Microsoft IIS 6/7 allows Web developers to create granular cache control policies without MMC access. By eliminating unnecessary validation requests and ensuring proper caching of images and other content by both browser and proxy caches, CacheRight will speed up pages, reduce network chatter, and free up servers to handle more requests. A single configuration file in the home directory allows control of caching by mime and path.

Publisher description

Cache images, includes and any file the right way for faster sites and better server availability. A '304 Not Modified' response is a waste of time. Why should repeat Web visitors request the same content over and over when it can be cached and accessed FASTER from a local browser or proxy cache? CacheRight for IIS 6/7 allows DEVELOPERS to EASILY craft and administer effective cache control policies for every Web site resource through a single rules file -- dramatically speeding up sites, REDUCING BANDWIDTH consumption, and eliminating unnecessary requests and server strain. Administrators avoid developing cache control rules in a one-off fashion via IIS, and faster pages mean happier customers and more productive corporate users. With CacheRight, a SIMPLE CONFIGURATION rules file in the Web site's home directory enables developers to set up rules that control expiration by location, file, or mime type. Unchanging images, PDFs, Flash, multimedia files, and other page elements are delivered freshly and quickly from the repeat user's browser cache without contacting your server. Meanwhile, DYNAMIC content is served guaranteed FRESH due to CacheRight?s special HTTP headers, without competing with validation requests and static content for precious server cycles and bandwidth. CacheRight is fully COMPATIBLE with IIS 6/7 and Windows NT/Server 2003/2008 and is easy to implement as a low-impact ISAPI filter with intuitive, easy-to-learn rule statements. 32 & 64 bit support. Download a 30 day trial version and add some cached speed to your site today!

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